Horse Boarding Facility in Noblesville, IN

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IB Stables is a renowned horse boarding stable in Noblesville, Indiana. Your horse will receive top-quality care while at our facility by a staff of professionals that are on site 24/7.
Our professional and caring team has decades of experience and knowledge in horse care, training, breeding and maintenance. You and your horse will love exploring our 105-acre facility, complete with pasture riding areas, indoor and outdoor arenas and equipment like trail poles, jumps and barrels. Plus, there's always a staff member on the property in case of emergencies.


A consistent routine promotes the overall well-being of horses

Our horse care professionals do everything we can to keep your horses healthy and happy. They receive fresh water daily, and we clean all stalls each day.  We maintain a consistent schedule for our horses. We offer on-site:

  • 30 Horse boarding stalls 
  • 5-8 acre segregated pastures 
  • 15 individual turnout pens 
  • 300x200 outdoor arena
  • 80x200 indoor arena 
  • All types of competition equipment 
  • 15 horse training spots avaliable
  • Regular feedings and turnout 
  • Top quality feed and hay 
  • Deeply bedded horse stalls that are cleaned 7 days a week

Do you have a recovering equine athlete or a retired horse? EquiVibe Therapy and rehab programs are available to all horses for an extra fee. Discover more about our boarding barn now by calling 765-425-2271.